This Isn’t An Ordinary Rainbow Cake –Just Look What It’s Made Of!

There’s no doubt about it, everyone loves cake. However, there is something that people love even more than cake. They love ice cream cake. The combination of fluffy cake mixed with smooth and rich ice cream is something that is just absolutely irresistible. Most of the time, this delicious treat is saved for special occasions like holidays, anniversaries, and birthday parties. However, this recipe is so tempting that you are going to think about making it every single weekend.

Steve’s Kitchen, found on YouTube, shows how only a couple of ingredients are needed to make this wonderful rainbow ice cream cake. The few ingredients that are needed include condensed milk, sponge cake, heavy whipping cream, and food coloring. The cake is extremely easy to make.

To begin, he shows us how to create the layers of the cake. He mixes together the heavy whipping cream and the condensed milk. Next, the food coloring is added and is thoroughly stirred into the mixture. Then, it is poured into a loaf pan. Each layer is allowed to freeze for around 30 minutes. After the time is up, he repeats the process again for the next layer using a different color.

After all of the colored layers have been put together, a thin piece of sponge cake is laid on top. The entire rainbow ice cream cake is put into the freezer and allowed to chill for a couple of hours. When the time is up and the finished cake is removed from the freezer and taken out of the loaf pan, you will be absolutely amazed.

Not only is this a delicious dessert, but it is absolutely beautiful. You can watch the video and get full instructions from Steve’s Kitchen to see how to make this awesome recipe.

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