This Is Why THe October Job Report Just Made All Republicans Looks Like Major Idiots…

This Is Why THe October Job Report Just Made All Republicans Looks Like Major Idiots…

The most recent employment report has surfaced for the month of October, and it doesn’t quite match up with the ugly image of our economy that the Republicans have been pushing on us. The information illustrates that employment has been growing under President Obama’s administration, steadily, and consistently throughout the 7 year presidency.

In October, there were over 270,000 jobs created and over the course of Obama’s time in the White House there have been 9.3 million private sector jobs added. On top of that, wages have also increased to 2.5% for 2015 – the hoghest it has been since 2009 (before the recession Obama walked in on). At this rate, Obama is set to have presided over the longest period of private sector job growth in US history.

According to these numbers, it doesn’t seem like President Obama has been failing at his job as Commander-In-Chief as Republicans claim so emphatically. In fact, it looks like there more opportunity in America at present, than there has been since the turn of the 21st century. When President Bush finally stepped down from the helm of this great nation, private sector jobs had decreased by 463000 … We’ve come a long way sine then, and by the hard work of a lot of dedicated political labor we’re doing better than ever. Again.

Republicans need to stop trying to frame the Obama Administration in such a gruesome light, because the reality is that his presidency has worked for America and put America to work. The 2016 election will be an intense one, and no matter which candidate wins the race, they will certainly have some big shoes to fill in the Oval Office.

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