This Is The Best Wrapping Hack I’ve Seen. Why She Cuts Directly Through A Ribbon…

This Is The Best Wrapping Hack I’ve Seen. Why She Cuts Directly Through A Ribbon…

A great gift can be easily ruined if it is not presented correctly. Yes, this means you shouldn’t give great gifts at inopportune times. No one believes it is a good idea to hand over that expensive gift during a traffic jam or a family fight. However, the wrapping of the gift matters too. For example, you should definitely take the time to select the best wrapping paper. You should also have the best looking bow placed on the package. Sadly, this where people surrender their confidence. Getting that perfect bow can be extremely tricky. As a consequence, people are often content to just let a retail clerk do the gift wrapping. It doesn’t have to be this way. With just a little bit of time and effort, you can master the art of the gift bow too.

There is a video making its way around the Internet showing people how to tie the perfect gift wrapping bow. This is a method gift wrapping clerks swear by. If you master it, you will be just like them. All you need to do is get yourself a long spool of ribbon and a couple of minutes to practice. It also helps to have a great gift to give. If not, just practice tying the bow on any old package until you find that perfect gift.

In the video, the woman demonstrates how to tie the perfect bow. First, she lets you know what you will need. Thankfully, you will only need scissors, ribbon, and a gift. She takes the end of the ribbon and wraps it around the width of the package. Quickly, she ties a simple cross length knot on the top of package. She then turns the package to be able to wrap the ribbon around the gift lengthwise. Using the end of the ribbon left behind from the previous cross length knot, she ties a second cross length knot to secure the ribbon to the package lengthwise. She makes sure the cross length knot is tight, and then she ties a simple overhand knot to make sure the ribbon is securely held in place. Finally, she snips the end of the ribbon so both ends on the top of the package are of equal length. The package looks great already. However, this is only the first part.

The woman’s hands continue to show you how you can tie the perfect gift bow like a pro. She unwinds four inches of ribbon, and she folds the ribbon back on itself like an accordion. She does this over and over again. After she has a thick stack of ribbon, she cuts the end. The result is a nifty pile of ribbon four inches long and many layers thick. With the scissors, she makes two little notches in the stack of ribbon. Using these notches, she ties the stack of ribbon to the knot on the top of the package. Finally, she pulls sections of ribbon out of the stack in an alternating pattern. The result is a gift bow that rivals all of those expensive bows you can buy in gift stores.

The process is astoundingly simple. You don’t need any special tools to accomplish this gift wrapping feat. The bow adds a large amount of class to any package. You will never need to worry about a great gift being spoiled by a poor presentation again. Just watch the video once a year at the start of each holiday season. Afterwards, you will be good to go!

What do you think? Did you give it a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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