This Is NOT How You Leave The Windows If There Is A Dog In Your Car

If you have to leave a dog or another pet at home on a hot day, you might choose to leave the windows open so that the animal can get fresh air. That’s what the owners of this dog did on a summer day while they were in their car. However, they did some miscalculating.

Unless you get the window down almost all the way in a car, it could lead to the dog not having enough air. This can be a dangerous situation for dogs as they need as much air as possible. There are also times when dogs can be in danger even if the windows in the car are open.

The temperature outside this car was 97 degrees when officers noticed the animal inside. Even though the window was rolled down, the temperature inside the car was 150 degrees. When a car stops, the temperature inside the car can quickly rise, leading to possible health issues for dogs.

The owners of this dog didn’t leave the windows open enough, and when officers saw the animal, it was panting heavily. The officers were able to get the dog out of the car and give him cool water. The owners were not charged with animal cruelty.

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