This Interactive Wedding Cake Will Have You Mesmerized.

It’s not uncommon these days to see detailed and elaborate wedding cakes, but this Disney fairytale wedding cake is a truly imaginative work of art. When you first look at it, it seems like the plainest of confections. It’s nothing more than a few layers of white cake topped with a miniature castle. But when the lights began to shine, I couldn’t look away.

All at once, this previously plain cake was transformed into an incredible light show, and Tinker Bell herself flew across the surface of the cake. These images appeared to be almost magical, but in fact they were created by a technology called projection mapping.

The projections that we typically see are displayed on flat white screens. However, with projection mapping you can display customizable images onto three-dimensional surfaces; in this instance, the plain sides of the cake become the “screen”. The best part is, this screen is completely edible!

This wedding cake truly captures that spark of Disney magic, and it’s sure to bring joy to any wedding. For now, the only place you can buy this exact cake is at Walt Disney World. However, as artists and bakers continue to push the limits of this technology, I’m sure we will see some spectacular works of confectionary art.

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