This Father Refuses To Walk His Daughter Down the Isle, But The Reason Why Had Us In Tears

Christmas Eve is usually thought to be a time of family gatherings, choruses of Silent Night filling the air while rosy cheeked children anxiously await the arrival of Santa Clause.

The scene is quite different at Arnold Palmer Hospital however, as Dr. Alex Levy, a childhood cancer specialist, must find the words to tell a young girls’ family that she has been diagnosed with a cancerous malignant brain tumor. Chloe’, a four year old girl, was brought to the emergency room suffering from headaches, dizziness, and vomiting.

After several tests and an MRI, Dr. Levy reluctantly broke the devastating news to young Chloe’s family. In a heartbroken voice, Chloe’s father asked the young doctor if he would be able to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. “We’ll do our best to make that happen” was the response from Dr. Levy.

After three surgeries and almost 18 months of chemotherapy, the cancer was finally defeated and Chloe’ has been able to return to school along with all the other activities she enjoys. On a recent check up, Dr. Levy was honored by the simple request of Chloe’s father, a request he could never deny.

Chloe’s father informed the doctor that on her wedding day, Dr. Levy would be the one walking Chloe’ down the aisle, not her father. Dr. Levy states that when this happens, he plans to retire as there will be no other life event greater than this honor bestowed upon him.

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