This Dog was Acting Strange – What Animal Control Discovers is Unthinkable…

Human’s aren’t the only creature that adopts animals of other species. We do it with our pets — dogs and cats, frogs and turtles, snakes, spiders, children, you name it. Humans adopt beasts of all shapes and sizes. But cat’s and dogs have been known to do this too.

One small Shih Tzu dog was acting strange. A man had heard the dog barking in the brush near his apartment. He called the local animal control office, and when the dispatch arrived to check it out, she discovered something heartbreaking:

The tiny black and white dog was nursing an even smaller kitten! The dog could easily walk up the side of the hill to the area beside the apartment complex, but the dog refused to leave the deserted kitten. She tried to walk with the kitten in her mouth, but the dog was too small to carry the feline, so the she stayed right beside the kitten.

The result? The dog barking from the bushes until someone found her and her new friend. The dog was experiencing what is known as a “pseudopregnancy”, and believed the kitten was her own offspring. And you can tell in the video! She clearly takes the cat under it’s doggy-wing and intends to protect her. Very touching.

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