This Dog Hates Water – So Why Is She Soaking Wet? She Discovered Something Terrible…

Leala is a sweet Staffordshire terrier. And a Canine American Hero to boot. At nine years of age, the small dog absolutely abhors water and lives in a residence situated near dam full of frigid water – a place she generaly avoids at all costs.

One day her owner David watched as the aqua-phobic terrier sprinted into the house soaking wet and without the company of David’s two year-old son, Alex. David was confused. So he decided to trail her. Hot on the heels of his quick thinking pooch, he was led to discover his young son floating in the water.

He swiftly extracted his son from the water and commenced CPR. He was assisted by his pals Joshua and Jason. CPR continued for almost 27 minutes before paramedics arrived on scene to offer urgent emergency medical assistance. They airlifted Alex to a nearby hospital for immidiate attention. Thankfully, Alex survived thanks to his father’s CPR and Leela’s heroic actions.

The little boy was in an induced coma and the parents told his parents there might be the possibility of extensive brain damage… Then something terrific happened. Alex woke up and seemed completely healthy – all because of adorable Leala. If she hadn’t been around to rush to the rescue, who knows what may have happened.

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