This Cat Waits For The Mailman Right Here, Every Day And Does THIS – He Had To Record It!!

Most metropolitan areas have that bar. An inn or a tavern where professionals of the same ilk congregate and lament on the events that transpire during the day. Somewhere in this sea of suds is a letter carrier that arrives at this establishment when their route is completed. A hearty greeting is heard as a drink is offered. After downing the cold beverage, people gather to look at his hands and hear the daily tale of the curious cat that resides at 210.

Upon leaving the delivery truck, the mail person starts muttering as he sees a customary figure. People often comment on the loyalty of the family dog but this feline has them all beat. Perched and peering out of the front window, the black and white furry face greets the carrier. It is not a welcome but a challenging stare as the human marches to the door. Each and every day this dance goes on but the patient cat does not display its intent until the the mail makes it way to the slot.

The first pieces of mail start to lift the metal lip of the slot when the cat starts to strike. There is nothing subtle about this as paws are a flurry of motion trying to defend the homestead. After many previous battles, the mail carrier has learned from before and now has gloves. The cat’s claws are not trimmed and can scratch whatever it comes into contact with. A tug of war soon ensues as black gloves become entwined with the paws. Back and forth the battle goes before he gets them back.

During this whirling dervish of activity, the mail gets sprawled over the porch. Idea comes to mind to use the cat to complete the rounds at 210. Gently pushing the mail in, the cat decides to accept delivery and claw the mail inside. One last envelope remains which the feline obliges and draws into the house. Lamenting that the cat is becoming a tougher opponent, the mailman goes to complete his rounds.

This cat is certainly an example of a territorial animal defending the homestead. It is just one of the many endearing traits our pets have for us. They display a gamut of emotions and behaviors towards their owners. Deep down the letter carrier will probably admit that the few scratches he suffers are worth the uplifting laughter he has for the rest of the day.

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