This Bride Can’t Even Look At Her Brothers After They Do THIS At Her Wedding…

This Bride Can’t Even Look At Her Brothers After They Do THIS At Her Wedding…

A pair of loving brothers flipped the script on traditional wedding toasts when they did something bizarre at their sister’s wedding. What they did was a highlight of the reception and will surely be remembered by the guests and happy couple for many years.

After all of the traditional elements that are part of most weddings–the vows, exchanging of rings, a kiss for the bride–the reception began with more conventional trappings. There were dances and guests gave their toasts to the newlyweds. Giving a toast to a couple on their wedding day can be a little bit overwhelming. Some even go so far as to rehearse their toast.

These two protective brothers obviously worked out the crazy celebration beforehand. They composed original lyrics and set them to “Summer Girls” by LFO. The lyrics were hilarious and produced the desired response, prompting their sister, the blushing bride, to look away in embarrassed glee. Her new husband took it all in stride, though, and will obviously remember the moment fondly.

If you had to ask the bride about what her brothers did on her wedding day a few years from now, she would probably laugh and break out a video and pictures. What the brothers did is the best kind of toast that can be given at a wedding reception. It spoke of their genuine happiness for their sister, their willingness to go the extra mile in rehearsing their moment to congratulate her, and the overall love they feel for their sibling.

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