This Baby Started Acting Strange, So They Pulled Out The Video Camera…OMG!

Not many people resist the urge to watch entertaining videos of little animals. A recent video presenting baby goats is also not to be missed. A farmer luckily was available with camera in hand to catch the antics displayed by a couple of his newborn pygmy goats.

The adorable, compact balls of fur joyfully jump, prance and seemingly dance around the pen under the careful supervision of their mother. Amazingly, though fairly new to life, the little ones display quite the nimble ability.

Their movements are nothing short of a “happy dance” as they venture from one location to another quickly and capably. Climbing, descending and every once in awhile tumbling, the little kids are fast to recover their balance and continue hopping about the enclosure.

They certainly seem thrilled to be alive and are humorous to watch as they seem to take full pleasure in the action of their little legs and feet. It would take the hardest of hearts to watch the youngsters and resist at least the smallest of grins. There may not be little creatures more happy to experience life than these pint-sized goats. With nary a care in the world, they are merely content to bounce about, play and simply exist.

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