This Baby Got A New Haircut. When He Looks In The Mirror, Hysterical.

If you enjoy watching videos of babies doing funny things, you are going to love this one. This seven month old baby boy has just gotten a haircut, and he has not yet seen himself until now.

In this video, he is in front of the mirror, and he looks up from the ground to the mirror, and he sees himself with his new haircut for the first time. His reaction is hilarious – he flails his arms for a few seconds at the image in the mirror, and then he falls over. His mother, who has the camera rolling, finds it funny, as will anyone who sees this video.

Babies are so cute, partially because they do not understand the realities of the world yet. They will see an image in a mirror and not necessarily know the that is just an image of them. This baby boy clearly did not recognize his new appearance, and he did not know quite how to handle it when he saw the image in the mirror.

It is times like this when some of us wish that babies could talk, so that we could know exactly what they were thinking. This one made it pretty clear that he did not know what to do with this image of himself, so he did what came naturally, which is a reaction the many people have found and will find priceless. This video is sure to become very popular among those who like watching babies.

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