This 11-Year-Old Has Truly Amazing Talent. You’ll Be Left Breathless.

When Americans think of and hear the national anthem, they tend to feel a lot of pride. After all, being a citizen or resident of this nation gives a person a lot to be proud of. This nation has had a long and proud history, and the national anthem represents everything that this nation has been through and has the potential to be in the future. As such, when people hear a high quality performance of “The Star Spangled Banner,” a lot of eyes often well up with tears.

Most people would not believe that an 11 year old could do the national anthem justice, but Lexi Walker proved many of them wrong in her incredibly impressive 2013 Stadium of Fire performance. She belted out the words to the national anthem in such a beautiful voice and completely wowed the audience.

In addition, her voice was not only pleasant to hear, but it was full of power and emotion as well. Most people would not think of an 11 year old is being capable of the types of emotions that could make a worthy rendition of this sacred song, but she again proved them wrong. She is truly amazing, both in her singing voice itself and in the feelings she is able to evoke while she is singing.

This is one 11 year old girl who is extremely talented and will likely stay in the public eye for a long time. She may just have a bright singing career ahead.

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