This 1 Year Old Girl Knows How To Make Mom Laugh When Cancer News Get’s Worse…

This 1 Year Old Girl Knows How To Make Mom Laugh When Cancer News Get’s Worse…

Laughter is an infectious mechanism of human expression. When one hears others laughing heartily, they’re drawn to the sound and can even become giddy themselves – whether they know the joke or not. It is an incredible bonding tool, too.Having a laugh with someone can strengthen relationships significanty. Few apreciate the positive benefits of laughing likeJoey Feek, a prominent country music artist and member of “Joey + Rory.”

Although Joey is currently dealing with cancer, her upbeat attitude is as strong as ever. She has a young daughter with Down syndrome, named Indiana, who loves to see her beloved mother laugh. She uses her comedic talents to keep her mother giggling, despite all of the difficulties that have occurred in the Feek household. Joey and her husband Rory (the other half of Joey + Rory) found out months ago that her disease had made its way to other sections of her body, even after she had already received treatment for her cancer.

A brief video clip shows Joey in a hospital dining room just prior to a chemotherapy session. She’s enjoying breakfast sitting right next to Indiana, who looks at her mom and makes the funniest and strangest expressions. These hilarious faces naturally send Joey into fits of laughter. Proud papa Rory posted the video clip onto his Facebook account with the caption that little Indiana is truly aware that there’s no finer medicine than laughter. It’s true that Joey, regardless of her current health situation, looks both vibrant and lively when she’s laughing with her precious little girl.

Joey and Rory are the authors of a blog that’s known as “This Life I Live.” where they regularly provide news on Joey’s cancer situation. It’s impossible to deny that Joey is a brave and inspiring woman. Although the world knew that she was an amazing musical talent before, they know now that she’s a fearless and motivating individual, too. From the looks of the video clip in the cafeteria, she’s also a really loving and playful mom.

Life is full of obstacles and often daunting situations, as this story illustrates. That doesn’t mean people ever have to give in to their fears, however. Joey certainly isn’t allowing fear to control her life, she actually seems to be embracing life and making the most of it. She’s able to laugh freely at the wacky faces her daughter makes, and enjoy a calm and pleasant meal with young Indiana right before the stress of a chemotherapy session.

When a person is going through a serious health condition, nothing is more important than having a dependable and strong support network. When Joey looks into her adorable daughter’s wide eyes, she can get the strength necessary to keep moving forward and trying her best. When little Indiana is a full-grown adult, she’ll surely respect her mom’s bravery in the face of true adversity.

Many people in general can learn a thing or two from looking at Joey and Indiana, who seems wise beyond her age. Although Indiana is just a year old, she already is equipped with the knowledge that laughter is soothing and great for one’s health.

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