They Were On Their Way To The Hospital To Give Birth When THIS Happened. INCREDIBLE

This will certainly go down as the most memorable drives this Texas couple ever had. While the man was speeding down Beltway 8, his wife begins to scream in pain and terror. Are they about to get into an accident? No. The wife is going into labor.

A GoPro camera captured the incredible scene. The couple had been driving for 45 minutes when the wife clutched her stomach and began breathing heavy. That’s when she realizes she is going into labor. While the scared wife cries in fear, the husband steps on the gas and goes flying down the freeway, trying to get to the hospital in time.

The baby, however, has other ideas.

The wife’s moans turn into shrieks as she goes through labor. At one point, she looks down and declares that she might be seeing the baby’s head. Soon, more than the baby’s head comes out. The wife’s fear turns to joy as she gives birth right there in the car to a ten pound baby who appears to be in good health. From behind the wheel to the moment of birth, this amazing event runs for about an hour, and thanks to the GoPro, this couple can share the moment with their child in the future.

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