They Went Fishing Like They Do Every Weekend, But What Jumps Out Of The Water Scared Them To Death!

When you’re fishing, you usually don’t expect to have something jump out of the water as you cast your line. One group of friends experienced something that might give others nightmares as the day began like any other day of fishing usually does with the hope of catching plenty of fish.

The people who were fishing weren’t quite as afraid as some people might be, but this is a moment that could have been frightening for others who don’t expect an animal or object to come out of the water. The group is fishing near a drainage ditch in Illinois.

They cast their lines and wait for the fish to start biting. Soon, a critter gets out of the water, and while it takes the group by surprise, they seem to laugh at the situation. In the video, you can see the passengers in the boat as they are going through the water. There are fish jumping out of the water in front of them, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when the critter came out of the water.

Fish were even flying past them as they were jumping out of the water. As the video captures the rest of the water, you can see several fish just leaping out, looking as though they are excited to be caught. Fish even end up in the boat before the video is over.

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