They Turn On The Speakerphone And Start Talking. This Puppies Reaction Will Make You Crack Up!

All dog owners can attest to the many ways pets provide unconditional acceptance and love. Puppies in particular are absolutely adorable. They are filled with innocent curiosity and endless energy. As is evidenced by the video, the attachment that develops between owners and pets also begins at a very early age.

A couple decides to record the amusing display demonstrated by their little boxer puppy while playing a prank on the unsuspecting youngster. While out of the house, the woman calls her husband’s phone. She then begins talking to the pup as if she were in the room. Upon hearing his human mommy’s voice on the speaker phone, the young pup becomes visibly happy. However, he cannot quite comprehend how she got into the small device lying before him.

The expressions and actions displayed by the dog are simultaneously funny and heart-warming. At first, he keeps looking intently at the phone as if she might emerge at any second. However, soon his sweet big brown eyes go from the phone to his daddy and back again in confusion.

Tilting his head yet wagging his tail, he does not quite know what to make of the dilemma. At one point, the man asks the pup if she is in the garden? At which time, the pup stands and looks outside. Perhaps in exasperation and frustration, the video ends with the pup burying his head on a pillow, as if to say, “I give up.”

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