They Take A Balloon And Press Their Cell Phone Against It Until It Pops. The Reason? OMG!

Some people spend a lot of money on phone cases. They like the cases that glitter or need a new case each time they go to the store. If you are one of those who spends a fortune on phone cases, you can break the habit with one simple item. All you need is a balloon, and you will always have a case for your phone.

It only takes about a minute to turn a balloon into a colorful phone case, and it’s easy to change the case at any time. Blow up a balloon like you would for any other occasion. Don’t tie the balloon at the time. Instead, hold the balloon tightly so that air doesn’t escape. Place the phone on the top of the balloon.

You want to get the phone in the center of the balloon so that the balloon surrounds the phone. Gently press the phone down on the balloon. This will deflate the balloon. Keep holding the phone on the balloon so that it doesn’t move.

The phone will begin to be covered by the balloon, and the balloon will slowly begin to form around the phone as it completely deflates. This is easy to do when you want a different color or if you need a case in a pinch and don’t have the money to get one.

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