They Strike A Pose, Moments Later, The Judges Admit It’s Like Nothing They’d Ever Seen

On the television show “Asia’s Got Talent,” judges and viewers alike are used to seeing the best of the best compete every week. Still, every once in a while a performance comes along that shocks, touches, and impresses even the people who have truly seen it all.

Contestants Liu Xin and Gao Lin, from China, began their audition by performing what looked like a fairly standard pas de deux ballet dance. A few moments into their dance, however, the routine proved to be anything but average.

Lin lifted, spun, and even folded Xin through the air in a complicated series of highly acrobatic twists, turns, and vaults. He balanced her by his palms, tossed her and caught her after an aerial somersault, and even carried her with no hands as she pointed her toes on his shoulders.

The judges and the crowd gave the pair a standing ovation and an enormous round of applause, and they advanced straight through to the semi-finals. By bringing a fresh edge to what could have been a dull dance routine, the pair is destined to become of of “Asia’s Got Talent’s” most memorable auditions yet, and were told they had “made China proud” by a judge. The dancers looked thrilled to have received such high praise, and beamed as they left the stage.

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