They Start Filming A Dirt Road – Now Watch Who Comes Running Towards The Camera…

One of the beauties of the modern era is the ubiquitous video camera. This item  allows many incredible moments to be captured on film. Years ago, these events would have passed unnoticed by the world. But now, almost anyone can whip out a smartphone to capture something touching, funny, or downright incredible. It’s easy to find examples of this every day.

One of the latest involves a group of workers innocently filming a dirt road. What happens next is incredible. The workers filming the video are from The Duchess Sanctuary. This is an organization that adopts and nurtures rescued horses. You can quickly see a parade of horses thumping down the dirt road and into an open gate. The horses are cheerful, organized, and obedient. The workers are rotating the pastures for the rescued horses. In the minds of the horses, they are being sent to another new and exciting place. It is even more touching to see these horses rotate into a new pasture once you understand the history of these horses. Many of them were rescued from the pregnant mare urine industry.

This is a hideous market where horses are housed in stalls for the sole purpose of selling their urine to the highest buyer. Why are folks after horse urine? It is because of the estrogen found in the urine of mares. This estrogen is used in numerous different drugs. Grotesquely, horses are kept constantly pregnant to allow their urine to remain rich with estrogen to sell. Any of the horses born to those in captivity often suffer the same industrial fate. Can you imagine how these horses must have felt in the past? If you were constantly impregnated against your will just so someone could sell the byproducts of your body, how would you feel?

It is a hellish scenario to contemplate. Imagine being rescued from such a situation. Imagine being able to run free again after enduring such confinement. That is exactly what is on the minds of these horses as they happily trot into a new pasture in the company of their friends. There is a total of 110 rescued horses in this video. Each one of them surely has a moving story to tell. We don’t speak horse yet, but we can certainly understand the joy in their eyes in the video. Take the time to share this video with your friends to help share the happiness of these animals with the world. As a commentary, you might want to make mention of the pregnant mare urine industry.

Few people even known such an industry exists! Do your part by sharing a little about it with this video. Also, take the time to thank and learn more about The Duchess Sanctuary. They are located in Oakland, Oregon, and their 1,120 acre ranch is filled with horses like the ones in the video. Anybody with a heart will be impressed by the service the workers there provide these beautiful animals. Remember, they once lived in such quiet desperation. It’s true that video cameras can seem a little bit overbearing in our busy world. However, keep in mind it is because of cameras that touching images and stories like this one can be produced and shared around the world with only a few keystrokes. Be a part of the technological and ethical revolution by sharing the stories of these horses with people you know. It will bring a smile to their day, and it will make them question the way businesses sometimes treat animals.

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