They Stab Holes In The Center Of Their Cakes, When You See What They Do With Them? YES!

Making a cake doesn’t seem like that much work if you know how to mix a few ingredients together and bake it for the right length of time so that it gets done and not burnt. This chef took making a cake to a new height when he cut a hole in the center. What he did is something that will be the highlight if any party, especially for children.

This is a design that can be used for a princess party for any little girl. The theme can also be changed depending on what the girl likes. After the cake is cooled, all you need to do to begin is cut a hole in the center. If you use a round object, it can get the hole a little more precise instead of using a knife.

The cake in the feature is for the movie Frozen, but any princess can be added as long as you have the colors and technique. You will need half of a round cake as well.

This will serve as the dress for the princess. You want to cut a hole in the round cake as well. After the hole is cut in all of the cake, you will place the round portion on top of the single layers. Place a doll inside the hole, fill the sides of the hole with a bit of icing, and use various colors of icing to create a dress that flows from the doll.

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