They Set Cameras Up In A Hotel Room And Catch The Maid Doing THIS With Guest’s Bar Of Soap…

Whether at home or traveling, most people take amenities like soap for granted. In hotels, guests use a bar of soap only once or twice before it is replaced by staff. Unfortunately, the spread of disease in many parts of the world is caused by a lack of soap, which can lead to death.

Clean the World, which has offices in Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Florida, is trying to solve this problem by collecting the used soap bars from thousands of hotels and recycling them into a new product that is distributed globally to those who need it. The project is also supported by the Global Soap Organization. By working together, both groups are ensuring better health for people who do not live in first world conditions.

The process starts with the collection of soap by hotel maids. The bars are then ground into pieces before being put through a sterilization process. The pieces are pressed to form new bars of soap and wrapped for distribution. Overall, 25 million soap bars have been sent to 99 countries through the project.

Clean the World has been shared extensively across social media to increase awareness about the global soap problem and its effect on human health.

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