They Rescue a Stray Poodle From The Street, What Happens After They Capture Her Is Amazing…

Hope For Paws is a non-profit organization that rescues animals and recently received a phone call about a dog named Dolly. Dolly had been living on the streets forever as far as they knew, and had extremely matted fur. In fact, the rescuers had never seen a dog whose fur was as matted as Dolly’s and at first, they couldn’t even tell whether Dolly was a girl or boy.

She was extremely afraid of humans on top of this. Every time someone would try to get close to her, she would try to bite them, which made rescuing her a bit of a problem. The rescuers reassured Dolly that no one was going to hurt her and eventually managed to get Dolly into the car. They gave Dolly the first grooming she had ever received in her life. Dolly’s fur went from being a dirty brown color to stunning blonde, she even lost several inches of matted fur.

Dolly’s life has gotten a lot better since that fateful day. Not only has she undergone an amazing transformation, but she has been adopted by a loving family. There is a video online showing Dolly in her new home, running around and playing with other dogs. Dolly’s personality totally changed after she received some love and care.

Hope For Paws has posted the video on Facebook and it has received over one million views and 27,000 shares. People are encouraged to share the video in order to raise awareness about the importance of adopting animals. Check it out for yourself!

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