They Randomly Tested Shopping Carts. What They Found On Almost All Of Them? YUCKIE

A news station in Oklahoma recently investigated shopping carts. What they found on some of the shopping carts was quite sickening. The news team visited three grocery stores in the area.

They visited each store three times. The news team performed three tests. The first test examined how many germs the cart had on it without wiping it down. The second test examined the germs on the cart after it was wiped down with a store product. The third test examined how dirty the wipes in the container were.

The results of the first test showed that all of the grocery carts had unwiped feces on them. Fortunately, the second test showed that all of the feces was gone after the carts were wiped down with a disinfectant. The news team also found that the wipes container had bacteria in it.

The moral of the story is that you should always wipe down your grocery carts before using them. You may also want to avoid touching the wipe container. Additionally, you should take some hand sanitizer with you to the store in order to be on the safe side. The video of the Oklahoma news team has been posted on YouTube.

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