They Practiced For 365 Days. Once They Hit The Dance Floor? Stunning!

A Bride and Groom Practice For a Year To Surprise Their Guests. Those in attendance learn of the culmination of a 36-week long project by Karolina and Wojtek to delight their wedding guests. Although neither had ever taken dance classes previously, they underwent a nine-month long formal training period in order to perform a dance for guests attending the reception.

In the video, the bride wearing a contemporary white dress and white shoes and the groom attired in a white shirt, black pants, black shoes and black suspenders.

The couple appear a bit nervous at the very beginning of the dance, but soon smile happily. As a crowd of onlookers watches, the two young people perform a fast-paced swing step to the vigorous background music of a 1920s-style ragtime tune. They move in unison, kicking, jumping and swinging together as members of the audience applaud in time with the beat and occasionally cheer.

Despite their previous lack of professional dance training, both Karolina and Wojtek treat their guests to a stunning show. They whirl across the tiled floor for several minutes. The dance concludes with a romantic kiss. Then the groom lifts up the bride as though carrying her across the thresh hold and bows several times to the cheers and applause of the assembled guests. The couple graciously acknowledge the greeting.

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