They Peer Out Their Window and Finds They Have A Family Of Black Bears Partying In Their Pool. LOL!

During hot summer days, pools are a good escape for families to enjoy the sun without getting overheated. It turns out wild bears are no exception.

The Basso family was enjoying the day inside when they looked out and spied a mom bear with her five cubs not only in their backyard but also playing in their pool. They played with the slide, took the toys out of the pool, walked around inside it, and did really seem to be enjoying themselves. One bear took a floating seat from the pool and began playing with it in the yard, throwing it around and tearing it up.

The human mom inside the house filmed what she could while her daughter watched from the wings. Although the mom was entertained by the spectacle, the daughter wasn’t so thrilled. In the background of the video her voice whining about the bears taking her floating seat is as clear as the footage.

While most people would be terrified of seeing a bear outside their home, the Basso family seemed to take it in stride, filming the occasion for the rest of the world to see and leaving it at that.

The clip was shown on the Today show and the Inside Edition.

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