They Never Thought Their Pet Bird Would Do This As Soon As They Brough A Newborn Baby Home!

Parrot owners love the quirks of their little tropical birds. Their uncanny ability to imitate sounds can provide countless hours of entertainment. As most fans of the species will tell you, it is impossible to predict exactly which noises may be imprinted. One couple learned this the hard way when they brought their newborn baby home for the very first time.

The infant let out a shrieking wail upon entering the doors of his house. This shocking scream was startling enough, but then it happened again while the baby’s mouth was closed. There is no distinguishing the bird’s new cry from that of the child. To the bewildered dismay of this family, their pet just learned a trick that cannot be undone!

With an arbitrary decision to permanently capture a caterwaul, this beautiful creature suddenly became a family nightmare. The ear-splitting screech may be deployed randomly at any time. If you weren’t looking at the bird, then you would simply guess that you were in the company of a disgruntled baby. It is hard to believe that the resonance of terror is coming from a relaxed green animal.

Here’s the thing: The kid is going to outgrow those sounds, but our feathered friend has added them to his repertoire forever. The otherwise calm companion also doesn’t seem to recognize the agitating nature of his voice. While imitation is usually a form of communication for parrots, domesticated breeds resort to mimicry for less important reasons. Basically, the activity just seems fun and fulfilling!

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