They Look Like A Perfect Couple But She’s About to Reveal A Very Dark Secret

A woman named Emma, who had been the victim of repeated acts of domestic violence over the past few years, finally had the courage to make public her pain and suffering by telling about them on a Facebook video.

The jarring video was in direct contrast to the other visual indicators that she had posted about her family life. In those, many showed her lovingly holding her children, while others showed her smiling in public in friends as well as at work. Also included in that earlier group were affectionate photos between Emma and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Francis Usanga.

In the Facebook video, Emma explains how she was punched in the face after Usanga accused her of cheating on him, even though there was no apparent indication that the charge was true. As evidence, the video clearly shows the black eye she received as a result of the assault.

Emma said that at that moment, she knew she had to leave the situation, saying she hoped that the video would help others to make the same choice. She began to cry as she explained the likely impact the life-changing decision will have on her children.

Usanga denied that he hit Emma, but ironically admits to having cheated on her. He claims to have pushed her, but claims the injuries stem from falling. He also says that his fitness business has been ruined by the allegation.

Emma’s video was viewed more than two million times within a day of being posted.

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