They Let A Troubled Teen Move In. What Happens Just 6 Months Later Is A Real Bombshell…

Nineteen-year old Meredith has had a very hard life. She never knew her father, and her mother died when she was just six years-old. Meredith moved in with her grandparents after her mother died. After that, she was shuffled from house to house.

When Meredith was in high school, she formed a friendship with a teacher named Anna. Anna was a mentor to Meredith. She eventually allowed Meredith to stay with her for six months. Anna was just 28 years-old and had a husband and two small children. She was overwhelmed by the idea of taking in a troubled teen. However, she was proud to as an adoptive mom to Meredith.

After Meredith had lived in the home for six months, Anna and her husband Zach decided that it was time to have a very important talk with her. Meredith expected the worse because she had spent her entire life going from home to home. However, she actually got some very good news.

Zack started off by telling Meredith how wonderful, special and gifted she was. He then told her that he wanted to adopt her into their family. Meredith was shocked and brought to tears. The entire conversation was videotaped and placed online.

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