They Got Married In The 1950s – 60 Years Later They Decide To Create This Beautiful Video…

An elderly couple recently celebrated 60 years of marriage in an extremely special way. Using the movie “Up” for inspiration, the pair of 80-year-olds played the piano and sang the duet “Married Life”.

The couple’s grandson, Jason Lyle Black, is a professional piano player who filmed the celebration and uploaded it to YouTube where it has been viewed over 300,000 times. Black said it was a great deal of fun working with his grandparents who were very excited about performing the song.

He also said his grandparents had often sung duets since he was a child, and he’s always enjoyed listening to them. The video is surely a family keepsake that will entertain future generations and serve as an inspiration to find true love for younger family members.

The video has received many heartwarming comments from viewers around the world. One wrote that they understood how amazing the anniversary and song was because their grandparents had been married for over 60 years as well. Another commenter said he could only hope to find the kind of love the video couple shared. Even though they’ve already spent a lifetime together, hopefully, the pair will share many more years loving one another.

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