They Got Make Up Done To See How They’d Look In Their 90s. When They Move Their Hands? AWW!

Many people seem to get married nowadays for the wrong reasons. Physical attractiveness is often extremely important to people when they are selecting a partner, when the truth is that physical attractiveness is the most fleeting thing about a person. People will inevitably age as they grow older, and someone is just not going to look the same as an elderly person as they did in their 20s or 30s. One true test of true love, then, might be to see how each member of a couple will react to seeing how the other looks in old age.

Christie and Tavis are a couple in their 20s who were getting married in a month when they decided to take part in an interesting experiment. What happened was that skilled makeup artists put makeup on their faces to age them, so that they could see what they would both look like when they were older.

First, they were shown in their 50s. Instantly, he told her he hopes she looks like this, that “You look fantastic.” Then, they were shown in their 70s, and then their 90s.

The love between these two is obvious, and they seem to love one another even more after seeing how they will likely look when they are older. They say when they see one another like that, that it makes them think about what they will have gone through by then in order to get to the point where they looked like their aged faces.

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