They Gave This Mom a Makeover For Her 60th Birthday, And The Results Are UNBELIEVABLE!

Every woman wants to look her best. and the Today Show’s Ambush Makeover team is committed to helping women achieve this goal. They gave two women an amazing makeover, which helped take years off of their appearance. Lenise Melton was one of the women who received a makeover, is an accountant and mother of two.

Lenise’s friend, Sheryl, encouraged her to get a makeover, and Lenise received a stylish upgrade. When they pulled off the blindfolds, and Lenise look at herself in the mirror, it was clear that she was both shocked and very pleased with the results.

Bonnie Amend was the other woman to receive a makeover, she works as a library clerk at the Woodward Memorial Library and is a faithful watcher of The Today Show. She has always wanted to get a makeover. Bonnie’s daughter stated she wanted to give her mother a fresh start. She also stated that she wanted to have her mother looking great.

It was also Bonnie’s 60th birthday which was probably why the Martin and Licari duo selected her for the surprise makeover. Her family was just as stunned by the results as she’d been. Both women were satisfied with the results. It is amazing what a professional stylist can do for one’s appearance.

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