They Find A Pregnant Mom, But What’s Underneath The House? What A Great Ending…

While many people focus on the dangers of owning a pit bull, one family has fed and played with one even through the pregnancy and delivery of puppies. Last week, Hope for Paws received a phone call from a family in need of some help. A pit bull, now named Sansa, had wondered into their yard and made herself comfortable underneath the family’s house.

The family, financially unable to support the dog, fed Sansa what little they had. One day, Sansa went under the home and delivered seven little puppies. Due to their situation, the family was unable to provide care for the pups and the new mom, so they asked Hope for Paws to come and help.

When Lisa and Eldad arrived at the home, they were able to rescue all seven of the little pups and the momma. Upon arrival at their foster home, Bullies for Buddies, they were properly named after the seven dwarves in the popular Disney book and movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

The best news is that within the week all seven of the pups have been adopted and found their forever homes! Now, Sansa is happy, healthy and looking for her forever home as well. Hope for Paws is asking for applications of people who are looking to adopt her.

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