They Feel Guilty For Leaving Their Family Dog Home Alone – So Dad Comes Up With GENIUS Idea!

A bulldog in Norway named Igor got a really wonderful surprise recently. Igor is a friendly and fun-loving dog, and he had never spent a day apart from his family – a man, woman and their children – until they decided to go a vacation to Thailand without him. They made plans for Igor to stay in a kennel during their absence, but, when the father saw the drab cages for the animals there, he decided to renovate the space where Igor would stay.

Since the father was friends with the kennel owner, it was no problem for him to spend time at the kennel transforming a simple cage into a wonderful living space for his pet. The father hung walls and painted them, put a soft carpet on the floor, brought a sofa in, hung pictures on the wall and generally turned the cage into the type of home Igor was used to. Everything was done with the intent of making Igor feel less homesick and abandoned and to give him the type of comfortable surroundings he was used to.

The father didn’t tell the mother or the children about the work he had done, so they were astonished at Igor’s accommodations when they dropped him off at the kennel. They were moved and emotional to see everything the father had done for their beloved pet. Just by looking at Igor’s wonderful temporary home, they knew he would be fine until they came back from vacation.

Igor had a terrific time when his family was gone! He played with his toys, slept on the couch, snacked on his treats, and generally had a blast. He even made friends with another guest at the kennel, a frolicsome Saint Bernard. Now he’s reunited with his human family, and everyone had an awesome vacation.

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