They Bring Their Guitars To The Forrest And Start Playing. Wait Until You See What Happens Next

Shawn James is a popular folk singer, and he was recently the star of an incredible viral music video. James and his crew had been on tour for a while, and they decided to play a song for a truly wild audience in Colorado.

James and his group thought it would be cool to perform in a wolf sanctuary. The folk band played a cover of A.A. Bondy’s hit song”American Hearts.” Shawn James and his group scouted the area beforehand, and there were no wolves around. But, when they started to play, dozens of wolves showed up. The snow was falling heavily around them in the forest, and the wolves began howling along.

So, Shawn James played through their song, and it was a once in a lifetime performance between the mandolin, James’ guitar, and a chorus of singing wolves. As the band continued singing, the wolves howled even louder. They began prowling closer, but the fearless musicians showed no fear. They only played on.

The incredible moment has since gone viral on social media. Millions of people have watched the video on Facebook and Twitter. Check out the music video and let us know what you think!

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