They Bought Cheese From Walmart, Then He Takes A Lighter To It. What Happens? That’s Not Good

There is virtually no recipe that can’t be made better with the addition of a little cheese. Whether it is a slice of cheddar on your favorite burger or fresh mozzarella on a pizza, we all love the gooey perfection that is cheese.

However, one woman’s recent demonstration proves that all cheeses are not created equal. Besides its taste, one of the main attractions of cheese is that it melts in the presence of heat. That is what Kelly Hendry expected to happen when she grabbed a couple of slices of Great Value cheese singles to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Hendry noticed that her bread toasted to a golden brown, but the cheese never melted. The non-melted cheese peaked Hendry’s curiosity, so she decided to test her observations further. Hendry took a slice of the Great Value cheese and held a flame to it for approximately 15 seconds. To her amazement, nothing happened. The cheese showed no signs of melting whatsoever. It is unclear which combination of ingredients gives the cheese its fire-defying properties.

Unfortunately, other Great Value products have also challenged logic and reason. Another test, which has gone viral online, shows Great Value ice cream sandwiches remaining intact despite sitting in the hot summer sun.

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