They Assumed He’s A Piece Of Garbage – But Watch What Happens When The Sun Comes Up…

Dr. Pepper created a heartwarming commercial featuring a “Mop Dog” and a delivery driver. The company released the ad with the statement, “Be true to yourself and you’ll never be lost.” The ad is only about a minute long, but it manages to tell a beautiful story.

The dog featured in the video is a Puli, a breed of dog that naturally develops dreadlocks, leading to a mop-like appearance. At the beginning of the video, Mop Dog wanders around town, searching for a home or for someone to pay attention to him. He passes by cars and train tracks, and watches longingly as a woman walks by with her two “normal” dogs. He catches a glimpse of a mop in a store window, and sadly realizes that he looks like a mop.

When a Dr. Pepper delivery man walks by, Mop Dog eagerly says hello. The two become friends and the dog hops in his truck. He sticks his head out the window as they drive and watches as other cars pass. The delivery man stops at an animal shelter to drop him off, but he can’t bring himself to leave his new friend, so the two remain together. The ad ends by saying, “Always be one of a kind.”

It only takes a minute for this commercial to pull at your heartstrings, and it sends a powerful message to accept yourself and others for who they are. Even someone who looks different deserves a friend, as shown by Mop Dog’s video.

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