They Are Sitting In The Car, What Her 3 Year Old Asks Next? She Completely Loses It

A mother was talking to her 3-year-old in the car when she made a horrific discovery. One of the things about being a parent is that you try to make the best decisions for your children. Cherish Peterson wanted to do that for her children, but something went wrong.

She is a mother of four children. The fourth child is baby Huxton. Peterson made a mistake one day that she is still dealing with. The mistake was a big one, but she’s a human, and humans make mistakes.

She was out shopping with three of her children one day. This is something that many parents do on a regular basis. Peterson put two of her children in the car, making sure they were buckled. She didn’t think about her other child still being in the cart when she left the parking lot.

When Peterson got to her next destination, one of teh children asked her why the baby wasn’t in the car. The police department arrived at the store. They kept the baby safe until Peterson arrived. THis is a mistake that the mother will probably never make again, and it’s one that any parent could do, especially those who have several things on their mind when it comes to children and daily activities. No charges were filed.

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