They Already Had Their Hands FULL With Six Boys, The They Get Hit With THIS…

Stephen and Cher, are a loving couple from Apex, North Carolina have a big family… Strike that, a HUGE family. And it just got bigger…

They have six boys, the oldest of whom is 13-year old Jackson, the youngest a 2-year old named Knox. Having a big family was always a dream for Cher and Stephen, but Cher had alway wanted to have a little girl as well. Well, she got her wish.

In August of 2015, Cher gave birth to a baby girl: Ruby. The six boys were extremely happy to meet their new sister, and the large family uploaded a video to YouTube where each one of Ruby’s brothers leaves a heartfelt message for their baby sister.

Cher and Stephen have successfully fulfilled their dream of having a  large family, and with the addition of little Ruby the litter just got bigger. And more expensive, too. Stephen and Cher are not planning on having anymore children, though Cher wouldn’t mind a few more baby girls. Some people just can’t get enough! Holy cow.

Anyone who dates Baby Ruby in the future will have to get along with her six brothers first! I’m sure when she grows up and watches this she’ll be proud to call herself the sister of these six boys. Check out the video below!

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