These Twin Babies Are Laid Next To Each Other, Video Captures Their Incredible First Moments

The incredible bond that exists between siblings, and especially twins, is something that you are not likely to forget once you catch a glimpse of it. There is something about the bond between twins that is sacred, magical and, at times, extremely cute.

This mother was filming at the right time and the right place, though she surely didn’t expect her girls would react the way they did. It’s not too surprising when you think about what a close proximity they’e lived in to one another for the first nine months of their lives.

The girls are clearly well acquainted, though they are still adjusting to the big, bright new world. Free from the confines of the womb, these twins experiment with communication through sound and touch and long gazes in to one another’s eyes. It is an incredibly joyous thing to see, these new little people starting their own explorations of the world around them.

There is something beautiful about witnessing the first moments of a newly forged family. Watch the clip that this lucky mother captured, the relationship these babies have is already a strong one. They are experiencing the world for the first time and it is fun to experience is with them.

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