These True Facts Are So Crazy, That I Would Have Bet My Life That They Were Fake…

These True Facts Are So Crazy, That I Would Have Bet My Life That They Were Fake…

The facts you are about to read will sound like complete fallacies at first comprehension. You will just have to trust our fect-checking to be true and leave the mysteries to the experts that unraveled them.

Let’s start with the octopus, which has three hearts. As much as no one could ever imagine an animal with more than one heart, the octopus has added a plus one to the wonder list. I guess the mystery is where in its they are situated. As unlikely as it would be that an octopus had another fascinating fact, the mimic octopus which can change its color can also mimic the shapes of other sea animals.

Still on animals the female kangaroo has three vaginas.
This one sounds like complete bullshit but it is not, there are more stars in space than there are grains of sand in every beach of the world. That is pretty unimaginable given what the human eye can comprehend.

Another in-comprehensive fact is there are more life forms living on the human skin than there are people in the planet. Also there are ten times more bacteria in the body than there are body cells in the human body.

The total weight of all humans in the world is about similar to total weight of all ants in the world.
Great people do great things but the term unbelievable is used as cliche when referring to what they do. Here is a fact that make sense of the term unbelievable, Leonardo Da Vinci the great artist could write with both hands at the same time. I wonder if he drew the magnificent Monalisa portrait while writing. Another mind blowing fact by great people, the last man to land on the moon known as Gene Cernan made a promise to his daughter that be would write her initials on the moon. He did and her initials IDC will probably be on the moon for tens of thousands of years.
Some of the following facts you might not believe unless you paid attention in your respective science classes, but still some of them you will find hard to believe because you did pay attention in your respective science class. Like this one, if you were to remove the empty space from the atoms that made up every human on earth, the entire world population would fit into an apple. Also you should know that the sun’s actual color is white and not the many perceived ones including yellow.

This however I can explain, this is due to the scattering of the sun’s light by our atmosphere that creates the illusive colors of the sun. This one even I thought was complete bullshit, but hey I do not specialize in astronomy so I wouldn’t know better than to leave to the experts. So you should know that it rains diamonds in the planets Jupiter and Saturn. I wonder how many rainy seasons these planets have.

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