These Students Do An Incredible Tribute At The Funeral After A Beloved Teacher Dies.

Teachers today have a very thankless job. Not only do they have to work long hours, but they often have to deal with students who are unruly. However, there are many students who appreciate their teachers. That is why losing a teacher can often be as hard as losing a family member.

Dawson Tamatea was a teacher in New Zealand who was loved by many. Unfortunately, he died in his sleep in July. His students decided that they were going to pay their respects to their beloved teacher.

At the teacher’s funeral, they lined up beside his hearse and performed a dance called the Haka. The Haka is a type of dance that was once used on the battlefield. It was also used to symbolize groups coming together in peace.

The Haka displays unity, pride and strength. That is why the students felt it was appropriate to perform the dance at their teacher’s funeral. The video of the students performing the Haka to honor their teacher has been posted online. It has become popular on both YouTube and Facebook. On YouTube, the video has received over 103,000 views. The video has also received over 346,000 views on Facebook.

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