These Judges Are Rarely Impressed, What Happens When This Cute Boy Steps On Stage Is Awesome

It is human nature to underestimate another person because of their age and size. However, big things can sometimes come in small packages. A 14 year-old boy recently appeared on the X-Factor and gave the judges a performance that they probably will not ever forget. He stated that he lives with his mom and grandparents. He also stated that his family is his biggest supporter.

The judges probably were not expecting such an amazing performance because he was just 14 years-old. However, they were wowed. He sang a song and played a guitar. He says that he writes his own songs and has been playing the guitar for a long time.

Not only were the judges amazed by the boy’s performance, but the crowd was also amazed. He received a standing ovation. One of the judges also asked the boy to play one of his original songs. He played and sang his song entitled “Don’t Let Me Go.” His performance even brought tears to one of the judge’s eyes.

After the boy’s second performance, one of the judges actually stood up on the table and cheered for him. Another judge stated that he could relate to the boy’s song because he was going through the same thing in a relationship.

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