These Guests Are Shocked When This This Father Daughter Dance, Turns Into Something CRAZY

The typical quinceanara (A traditionally Mexican celebration of a girls 15th birthday) is a party for womanhood, full of cake and mariachi music, rose colored flowing dresses and lots of dancing. But one young girl, Jasmine wasn’t about to have any ordinary quinceanara. She and her father had a BIG surprise for her guests.

Jasmine and her American marine fathertook the stage and danced together while he had his military uniform on. She, on the other hand, was the portrait of a lovely princess in a light blue dress. The music of The Temptations’ “My Girl” surrounded them as they shared this meaningful moment with their audience. It was picturesque… Things quickly changed, however.

Sixty seconds in to the slow dance the music abruptly changed from “My Girl” to a lively blend of the Selfie song, “Gangnam Style” and “You Can’t Touch This.” Needless to say, the guests of the party were all pleasantly stunned by the change of pace. When “Whip It/Nae Nae” came on, things got even more wild – with Jasmine’s younger brother showing up to get down to the tarck.

This quinceanara dance was probably as unforgettable for its guests as it was for Jasmine and her family. Not many things can be more powerful than watching a caring father do something spectacular with his daughter.

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