These Grannies Climb Into $200,000 Lamborghini … Watch When They Back The Car Out

Lamborghinis are one of the most expensive cars on the market, and they have always been a symbol of wealth, and two grandmas, named Peggy and Audrey, recently got to experience what that wealth feels like. For one day, they were given a Lamborghini, valued at 200,000 dollars to drive around.

Cameras followed the ladies around for the day to capture the special event, and it was more than hilarious. When Peggy and Audrey get into the car, they are first amazed by the doors, which open upward instead of to the side like most normal cars do.

Then, they try backing out of the driveway, which also proves to be quite the task. Video footage shows the car jerking forwards and backwards a few times until Peggy, who is the driver, figures out how to maneuver the luxury car.

The grannies cruise through the streets of downtown at a slow pace, as passersby look at them in awe. They make a trip to the grocery store in their fancy car, and come across another problem. They don’t know where the car’s trunk is. They wander around the outside of the car looking for a place to store their groceries, when an older man comes up to them and asks if there is any room for him in the car.

The ladies cleverly reply that they can’t even find room to put their groceries, let alone another person. The man offers to help, and Peggy encourages Audrey to chat him up. It sure does seem as though these two ladies had a wonderful day experiencing luxury for the first time.

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