These Giraffes Will Blow Your Mind – Watch Them Strut Their Stuff!

There’s something hypnotic about the beauty of giraffes. When we see these elegant creatures at the zoo—or in photographs—they always have a stately kind of calm about them. However, a new film from Nicolas Deveaux unleashes another, more artistic side of these beautiful creatures.

As they prowl around a human landscape, their actions are quite similar to ours. One giraffe even leans into the camera as if she’s taking a selfie, curling her lips, sticking her tongue out and almost seeming to pose.

The film captures the bold colors of each giraffe against a clinical backdrop, and the juxtaposition of nature versus man-made items is also quite shocking. Walking in formation around a circle, the giraffes regard their new surroundings with a great deal of curiosity.

Taking a turn for the surreal, the film then features the giraffes as they dive into a pool with acrobatic ease. Hurling their lithe bodies off of a diving board, the giraffes use a buddy to help them flip over.

Some of them even resemble Olympic divers as they take turns stampeding down the board and jumping into the pool. This may not be the most realistic film in the world, but it’s certainly one of the most entrancing and beautiful things on the internet right now.

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