These Ducklings Are Given Make-Shift Pond. Watch How Happy They Are

A YouTube video of two ducklings swimming in a sink is making the rounds online. The video features two fuzzy, yellow Pekin ducklings and their small dark-colored companion. It was originally posted in 2013.

In it, you can see the Pekins dominating the sink-pond, diving and splashing on the other duckling standing at the edge. Both of the ducklings in the water seem to be having a great time.

The person who originally posted the video explained how ducklings, without their mother’s oil, can get water-logged and drown if not supervised and if the water is too deep. These ducklings were originally given only a small amount of water at first, but the sink was filled up more after the ducklings started exhibiting diving behavior. After playing in the sink, they get dried off with a towel and placed under a heat lamp to warm up.

Before anyone thinks owning a duckling is a good idea, they should realize that they require a lot of attention and hard work. Ducklings need a good diet, full of the correct amount of protein from healthy sources. Popcorn and bread are not good treats for ducks and can cause health problems. The video owner also says it’s cruel to raise a single duckling and should always have at least one duckling companion.

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