These Cops Thought They Were Pulling Over A Criminal – Then Gotham’s Greatest Hero Steps Out

Some officers on traffic duty got quite the surprise when they noticed a Lamborghini driving by without proper tags. They were a bit puzzled when they realized that the license simply had the symbol of Batman on it, so obviously they pulled the vehicle over. When they pulled the driver over, they soon found that the driver went perfectly with the car.

A man in an elaborate Batman costume got out and proceeded to give them the information they needed. The man identified himself as Lenny and told the police officers that he was on his way to a children’s hospital. He regularly visited sick children as Batman, and the car helped to complete the illusion.

The cops were quite entertained by the man’s appearance and touched by his intentions. One of them even began to sing the Batman theme song before sending Lenny on his way. This must have been one of the strangest stops the cops ever made. Their mirth and incredulity throughout the process was apparent.

After learning of Lenny’s good deed, they refrained from giving him a ticket, so it was a good day for Lenny, and this is a story these two police officers will likely be telling for a long time.

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