These Boys Were Sick Of Watching A Class Mate Getting Bullied. So They Stood Up For Him

A True Story of Friendship Surpassing the Hardships of Special Needs and Bullying

In today’s society, there are a lot of children who do not do well with things and people who are different from them. However, one special needs boy by the name James was lucky. From the time he started school, James had been separated from the other students his age due to his special needs, and this made him a target for the bullies at his school.

Thankfully, James was one of the lucky children who found someone to stand up for him and say, “No! Leave him alone!” While he was at school, a group of five boys saw some of the school bullies picking on James just because he was different, and they took it upon themselves to make sure that it stopped.

James had been the type of child who had never been invited to a sleep over or had friends to call his own, but now, he has a group of five friends that accept him for him.

This story truly is remarkable and shows that not all children are raised to hate the things that they do not understand, and these give boys are a breath of fresh air and should be looked up too by all of those their age.

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