These Are Some Of The World’s Greatest Fathers

These Are Some Of The World’s Greatest Fathers

The world’s greatest dads seem to have a number of characteristics in common. They are not afraid to openly show their love and devotion for their children. They all take an active role in parenting, tune into the child’s unique needs and demonstrate unwavering support.

When it comes to meals, one dad not only packs healthy school lunches for his children, but he also takes the time to artistically form and decorate each item into recognizable cartoon and movie characters. Another artistic dad prefers a more educational approach and somehow manages to make monochromatic pancakes closely resemble anything anatomical features to deep sea creatures.

The soft side of dads with daughters shines through when they volunteer to be primped and painted as the youngsters learn the finer art of beauty. One single father went to extremes when at a loss in knowing how to style his daughter’ s hair. His solution was going to cosmetology school. Then there is the doting dad who received a tattoo every year that replicated a piece of his child’s artwork.

Seeing the great lengths that fathers go through for their special needs children warms the heart and brings a tear. One supportive father acquired a tattoo resembling the hearing apparatus that his daughter must wear. Another put forth the time and effort to creatively transform his son’s wheelchair into a combat tank for Halloween. Perhaps nothing short of the ultimate hero lies in the father who carries his disabled son 17 miles everyday so that the child may attend school.

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